5 Anti-Aging Lifestyle Tips

Who needs Dr. 90210, when the real secret to more youthful-looking skin is in how you live your life every day.

Creams, serums and products can assist in the anti-aging and preventative process, but it’s how you use, how often you use and your commitment to an anti-aging and skin protecting lifestyle that can keep your skin supple far beyond its years.

When you live right, and use the right combination of products, you become an age fighting superhero. Here are our favorite anti-aging lifestyle tips:


That means wash your face twice a day, every day. Wash your makeup off, wash the day off and revitalize your skin.

Facial Cleansing Lotion is a best seller for a reason: it works! This anti-defying cleanser preserves skin’s natural moisture while removing impurities.


Using toner is key to keeping skin hydrated any time of the year. It’s an important tool to keep skin fresh and younger-looking.

Our favorite is Healing Rose Water Mist with Calendula. It hydrates and calms, minimizes inflammation and promotes healing.

Daily Treatment

Whether you’re trying to prevent crow’s feet, frown lines or other signs of skin aging, you have got to do it daily.

Our favorite treatment serum is the Beyond Complex C. It helps minimize the signs of skin aging while nourishing skin from the inside out.


You need to repair the damage that’s already been done (i.e. sun damage, fine lines, chemical peels).

We can’t get enough of our Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Cream. It combines all of the most powerful vitamins and anti-inflammatory ingredients for visibly smother and renewed skin.


The sun and the environment can contribute to some of the skins most damaging cycles. Fight against this by using a sunscreen every time you head outdoors; even for just one minute.

Our best is our Natural Zinc Oxide Sunscreen. It is free of oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate and is SPF 30. It protects from UVA and UVB rays while still staying true to our culture of safe and effective products.


Sleep is the number one lifestyle habit that revives our skin. It is while we sleep that our body repairs the daily damage caused to our skin by stress, UV rays and other pollutions and dust exposure. Sleep is when the body produces proteins, which are the cells building blocks.

To help expedite that process, try using our Nightly Renewal Serum. It is high in hyaluronic acid (our all-time favorite ingredient) that helps stimulate your skin cell reproduction while you’re getting your beauty rest.

OK… so it’s six age-defying lifestyle tips, but the key to results is consistency. You must cleanse, tone, treat, moisturize, protect and rest daily; or better yet TWICE daily. With the combination of the right skin loving products (those come from us) and the right skin loving habits (those come from you), you’re caring for your skin in the best way you can.