5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Acne Naturally!

They’re unwelcome guests; aggressively occupying your skin without a moment’s notice. Every time you’d like nothing more than soft and clear skin, what do you find but the most gigantic and ill-placed zit?

Relax! Your feelings are shared by at least 80% of the population. Be it mild breakouts or extreme conditions like cysts, most people suffer from some form of acne or the other. In spite of being such a widespread condition, however, there is no permanent cure for acne (I know, right?). What you can do instead, is minimize the chance of breakouts and get rid of acne using natural remedies, products, or practices.

1. Keep your carbs complex.
Your diet affects your body in every conceivable way and that includes what happens to your skin. A diet rich in high glycemic index foods can be considered one of the leading causes of acne since constantly elevated blood sugar levels increase the activity of hormones in your body. This increased activity naturally stimulates the oil glands under the skin, leading to the formation of acne.
Avoid most processed foods and stick to a diet rich in pulses, nuts, and fruits like chickpeas, lentils, apples, pears, peaches, sweet potatoes, and other non-starchy vegetables.

2. Keep your hands to yourself!
Don’t squeeze them, don’t poke them; don’t even touch those sensitive little trouble-makers! When you pop acne hoping for it to go away it does anything but that. Anything you do to mess around with them can easily scar your skin or worse. Sometimes popping your acne can even spread infection from your skin into open wounds and worsen your existing skin conditions. So whatever skin care routine you choose to adopt, always make sure your remedies don’t involve rough treatment of the acne on your skin.

3. Fight from the surface with regular cleansing.
Every day your skin gathers unwelcome guests who refuse to leave on their own, from dirt and makeup to your own dead skin cells. If left to gather, acne won’t wait for too long before joining the party! This is why cleansing your skin is such a crucial part of any skin care ritual.If you’re looking for a natural remedy for cleansing, then gently massaging the skin with olive oil can help. Once done, carefully wipe off the excess oil with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. A more effective solution is using naturally derived cleansers formulated with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid helps unclog the pores in your skin, which helps resolve and prevent the formation of acne and lesions.

4. Follow it up with a toner for best results.
Cleansing helps you unclog your pores and remove the impurities from your skin. The next step to take to prevent future breakouts is to make sure the pores don’t allow more impurities to settle. Most natural toners will help you close pores effectively and must, therefore, be a key part of your skin care routine. You could even opt for a toner with anti-bacterial and healing properties which would help fight acne actively to give you clear, glowing, and blemish-free skin.

5. Exfoliation is a must.
The final step in your acne care ritual involves sloughing off dead skin cells through exfoliation. You can use a konjac sponge with charcoal, which gets softer as it absorbs water and mildly exfoliates your skin as you rub it across the skin.
If you’re more into natural remedies, you could mix oatmeal with honey, massage it over the affected area, and let it rest for a while before you wash it off with warm water. You could also opt for Hylunia’s Grape Seed Body Scrub or Facial Scrub to buff away dead cells and remove blackheads, whiteheads and calluses.

Maintaining a healthy skin care routine can help you fight acne and keep your skin clear and radiant every day. Hylunia helps you do this most effectively with the 3-Step Acne Treatment System to cleanse, tone, and exfoliate your skin while helping the skin retain moisture and giving it a soft and radiant glow. Our natural and naturally derived ingredients ensure your skin remains healthy while you tackle acne using products that are the perfect combination of ancient Ayurveda and modern science!