Beware of breast cancer

For centuries, women from all over the world and across different generations have fought hard for equal opportunity. Now with the advent of technology sweeping the surface of planet Earth, the future has never been brighter for up and coming women who want to spread their wings beyond the horizons. But beware ladies, such strenuous hopes and dreams may get shattered if you are not careful about your health.

It has been estimated that 40,000 women lose their life to breast cancer every year. This October, we’re coming together with the rest of the world to raise awareness about breast cancer and how you can beat it.

Breast cancer starts to develop when cells in your breasts divide and grow abnormally, turning into tumors. So if you ever happen to wake up with either side of your breasts feeling imbalanced or worse, with a lump under your arm, it’s likely that you might be a victim of this deadly disease.


Although the exact cause of breast cancer is uncertain, there are several symptoms that may arise to make early detection possible. Treatment is usually most successful when cancer is detected at this stage. Doctors opt to take an x-ray of your breast using a mammogram. This device can detect cancerous cells much before any tumors are formed around your breast. Early detection can help to prevent metastasis of the cancer.


Breast cancer can change the life of its victims and those around them. It’s a disease that can erupt in women anytime and take over their life by storm. But thankfully, there are a few methods to cut the cancer cells right out of the body.


Cancerous cells and tumors formed around the breast can be removed through surgery.


Precise amounts of high-energy radiation are focused on the breast to kill tumors and cancer cells.


In chemotherapy, drugs are prescribed to destroy cancerous cells by inhibiting their ability to grow and divide.


Hormone therapy, also known as endocrine therapy, can prevent cancerous cells from growing by blocking or intercepting hormones before they reach the tumors.


Targeting specific genes and proteins that contribute to the cancer’s growth, drugs can be administered to inhibit the growth of tumors without damaging healthy tissues.

So, it’s pretty evident that breast cancer is a real threat to women everywhere. Ladies, we know you love taking care of your near and dear ones but just this once, protect yourself from this deadly disease by taking care of yourself first!