Firm Foundations to Support Effective Skin Care

Hylunia’s skin care journey began on June 29, 1988, when a team of scientists led by Dr. Lingam decided to formulate a skin care line unlike any other in the market.

It became their sole mission to create products that were safe and effective without the usual, harmful side effects. Among their numerous observations, what really stood out was the fact that free radicals in our body are one of the major causes of inflammation and that chronic inflammation could alter your DNA, lead to disease and even increase your risk of developing cancer.

To prevent such serious deterioration, Hylunia developed its guiding philosophies, known as Hylunia’s 5 P’s, based on its core ideology. Over the years, these philosophies have firmly steered the course of product formulation to help Hylunia deliver consistently superior and dependable products to a growing family of valued customers.

Let us take a look at these powerful pillars that have stood the test of time and given Hylunia its incredible skin care line!

1. PreventionThe first aspect of Hylunia’s core ideology revolves around keeping the skin free from inflammation. When the team discovered that inflammation was the first step in the process of developing chronic disease, it became their topmost priority to make sure that formulations are focused on preventing the occurrence of chronic or subclinical inflammation. Today, Hylunia is instantly recognizable as a producer of effective anti-inflammatory solutions that help heal and soothe the skin.

2. Purification (Detoxification)Inflammation in its early or acute stage is merely a natural response to any damage caused to the skin or body. With constant damage and insufficient attention towards maintaining a healthy immune system, the healing process can easily be slowed down or disrupted. All of Hylunia’s products are formulated using natural or naturally derived ingredients that help fortify the body’s immune system and reduce the risk of developing chronic inflammation.

3. Protection (Preservation)Being the body’s largest organ, the skin must always be fiercely protected from external damage. But what if some of this damage is internal too? Free radicals are extremely damaging not only to our skin, but our body too, and both external and internal factors are responsible for its formation. Hylunia has formulated a number of products designed to minimize the formation of free radicals from sources like the sun, polluted air, and other environmental stressors as well as prevent the action of free radicals generated naturally by the body.

4. PenetrationOne of Hylunia’s core principles is skin care products are only effective if they penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. This is because while fighting at the surface level is important, a lot of skin conditions can be fought more effectively if they’re treated from below the surface. Hylunia’s deeper penetration technology uses liquid crystals to deliver water-carrying antioxidants, vitamins, plant peptides, and plant stem cells to the skin’s deeper layers and improve skin health from within.

5. Peace of mindIt’s no secret that a vast majority of skin care products on the market include ingredients that may be harmful to the skin in order to improve the look and feel of their products and expand their shelf-life. At Hylunia, we have always put skin health ahead of such material concerns. Since our inception, we have used only natural or naturally derived ingredients and based our formulations on the right combination of ancient Ayurveda and modern science to give our customers safe, holistic and dependable skin care solutions.