5 skin loving activities

In the words of Olivia Newton John, “let’s get physical!” Exercise and movement are key factors in the health and appearance of your skin. When you are active, your blood flows smoothly through your body, increasing circulation, keeping color in your face and keeping you looking young!

The skin is served by a large number of blood vessels and adequate circulation is needed to maintain skin health. Poor circulation causes uneven and blotchy skin… Are you catching our drift? Get moving!

We aren’t saying get up and go crazy- obviously it’s a process to get active, so before you sign up for your first 5k, read our suggestions to get active and get that skin radiant!

1. Sign up for a yoga class! Not only is yoga phenomenal for circulation, but also it’s a superb mind clearing and stress busting activity (remember, stress ages you!). Before class, slather on some of our Facial Day Lotion.It has Hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants, which are powerhouses for your skin!

2. Go for a walk around the block. Anything that gets you moving is a surefire way to get circulation flowing…ensure you’re wearing sunscreen though. Protect that face by using some of our Natural Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide …remember the sun loves to age our skin!

3. QUIT SMOKING. Nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict and prevents blood and oxygen from flowing to the skin tissues. So put down the butt, and get that other butt of yours in motion.

4. Head to the gym. There are so many exercise and dance classes available at your local gym! You will never get bored of the variety of classes offered. This is a fun way to break a sweat (natural skin detoxification) and get that blood pumping! (Hello, natural rosy cheeks!)

5. Give yourself a facial! Facials are a wonderful way to detoxify, deep cleanse and nourish your skin. Exfoliation is the action of sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal a new layer of beautiful fresh and young skin. OurNatural Fruit Acid Exfoliant helps revitalize damaged skin with its combo of fruit acids and hyaluronic acid. Do it tonight and wake up with soft, smooth and luminous skin tomorrow.