Quick holiday pick-me-ups

The holidays can wreak havoc on skin. Whether it’s the stress from holiday shopping, crazy schedules from too many parties, or winter weather, skin needs extra care during this special time.

Here are our favorite winter skin pick-me-ups that deliver great results in very little time…

Dry Skin Quencher

It may seem counter intuitive, but dry skin needs more oil, and the fastest way to replace skin’s natural oils is by applying a facial oil. In some cases, facial oils can be more effective than heavy creams. The results can be dramatic.

It’s best to apply facial oils at night immediately after washing your face so the oil’s nourishing ingredients have enough time to absorb into the skin.

Look for facial oils formulated with jojoba, chamomile, apricot kernel, avocado or lavender. Avoid facial oils formulated with mineral oil, lanolin or other heavy oils. These can clog pores rather than refresh them.

We recommend Hylunia’s Facial Remedy Oil for Normal to Dry Skin during winter months or any time of year your skin needs a boost in hydration.


When you don’t have time for a professional facial, you can do a mini-facial at home. Here’s how to refresh your skin in 30 minutes or less:

1. Cleanse

This essential first step removes dirt and debris that can clog pores and give skin a run-down look. For extra hydration, we recommend Hylunia Hydrating Cleansing Cream.

2. Exfoliate

Gently exfoliate skin with an enzyme-based exfoliant or gentle scrub. Be careful because when you’re too aggressive with an exfoliant, it can strip skin of natural oils and lead to breakouts.

3. Steam

Bring a saucepan full of water to a boil, then turn off the heat. Transfer the hot water to a large bowl. Place a towel over your head and let your skin absorb the steam for 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Mask

The #1 skin care rule is that every time you remove (exfoliate) you have to replace (mask). Use a deep hydrating mask during the winter months to re-balance skin. Our favorite is Hylunia Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Mask. The blend of hydrators and anti-oxidants refresh skin beautifully.

5. Moisturize

This last step is just as important as masking. Think of it as sealing in the goodness from your facial. Whether it’s a lotion, cream or facial oil, moisturizing ensures skin is properly hydrated and balanced, and helps minimize breakouts from the facial ritual.

Bright Eyes

Lack of sleep, eating on-the-go, and stress can lead to puffy, tired-looking eyes. Try these two fast and easy eye depuffers:

  • Slice two pieces of cucumber and place them over your eyes for about 10 minutes. Not only will you reduce puffy eyes, but you’ll get a brief respite from holiday madness.
  • Take two used tea bags and place them in the refrigerator. When they’re cool, lay down and place them over your eyes. The caffeine from black tea bags helps minimize puffiness. Herbal teas offer can soothe redness and inflammation.

Drink up

Drinking water is the ultimate self-care technique. It not only feels refreshing, but supports the body’s vital functions, especially when it comes to healthy, glowing skin—especially during winter when weather and indoor heat makes staying hydrated so much harder.

When the body feels like it’s dehydrated, it actually goes into survival mode by storing water, which can lead to bloat and puffiness. Skin also starts to look tired and ruddy. Soda, coffee, tea and sugary drinks are no substitute for water, so make it a priority to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses each day.

Whether you have five minutes or half an hour, these quick skin fixes can help revive and rejuvenate, helping your skin look younger, fresher and healthier.