Saving Face: Protecting Skin from Harmful UV Rays

While the sunshine can be lovely and warm and raise our spirits when it’s shining, it also is the #1 most damaging substance to your skin. The skin on your face is much more susceptible to premature damage from the sun than the skin on your body.

Did you know that 90% of the lines, wrinkles and brown spots on skin are caused by sun damage? The sun still casts UV rays even on cloudy days, causing irreversible aging. There are however, a few ways that you can ensure you are protected, while still enjoying the sun lit season!

Everyone knows that drinking a gallon of water a day is a good start, but there’s more to keeping skin hydrated than drinking water. Here are a few of our favorite hydrating tips:

1. Always wear sunscreen.

Make sure that you are laying it on thick and often. If you are swimming or sweating, it needs to be reapplied more often. Our natural sunscreen with Zinc Oxide is proven effective without all the harmful additives of other sunscreens.

2. Wear a hat!

Sunscreen isn’t the same as sun block. Give your scalp, face, ears and eyes protection from the sun with a nice, big, floppy sun hat.

3. Hide out.

Avoid being in direct sunlight between 10AM and 4PM, when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

4. Darker is better—in clothing.

Chose clothing that is darker, as these fabrics contain a higher SPF than lighter colored clothing.

5. Wear makeup with SPF

Wear makeup and other cosmetics with a built-in SPF of 30 or higher. This is to ensure you are ALWAYS protected. As tempting as it is to bask in the sun when the weather is warm, remember that you are slowly damaging your skin with the suns harmful rays. Any visible tan on your skin that differs from your natural skin color is sun damage. A good rule of thumb is the deeper the color, the worse the damage. So follow these tips, and protect your skin!