Skin care essentials while traveling this holiday season

With the holidays quickly approaching, most of us will be traveling at some point during the winter months. Traveling along with stress from the holidays takes a toll on your skin. No matter where the destination is, remembering to bring the right skin care is essential.

Pack these skin care essentials to look and feel your best while traveling to your favorite holiday destinations.

Essentials to pack while traveling

Here’s a list of skincare essentials you should remember to bring while traveling this holiday season:

Facial mist

Recirculated airplane air causes skin to dry out, especially on flights lasting more than a couple of hours. Pack facial mist to instantly refreshen and hydrate. Try Hylunia Lemongrass Mist to easily and quickly put moisture back into your skin.

Acne spot treatment

Be sure to pack acne spot treatment in case the stress of the holidays shows up on your skin. Try Hylunia Advanced Acne Gel to help your skin heal existing blemishes, sooth irritated or infected skin, and to fight future blemishes.

Eye cream

If you’re traveling long hours and don’t want to arrive to your destination with puffy tired looking eyes, make sure you pack eye cream. Hylunia Intensive Repair Eye Cream is formulated with eight patented peptides that visibly brightens and even the skin under your eyes.

Facial cleanser

Be sure to pack your favorite facial cleanser. You still need to find the time to wash your face twice a day while traveling. Consider purchasing a travel kit containing cleanser and other travel size skin necessities. Try one of Hylunia’s TSA-Friendly travel kits. The kits contain your favorite Hylunia skincare making them easy to travel with.

Facial moisturizer

Pack a good moisturizer. The air inside an airplane can dry your skin out making it dry, itchy and flaky. Try Hylunia’s Ultimate Antioxidant Cream, recommended for all skin types. This ultimate age defying treatment contains potent vitamins, antioxidants, and inflammatory agents for visibly renewed, softer, younger looking skin.

Body moisturizer

Consider the climate you’re traveling to when packing body moisturizer. If you’re traveling somewhere colder or drier than what your skin is accustomed to pack a heavier moisturizer. Those who are traveling to a warmer or more humid climate should pack a lighter lotion.


Even if it’s snowing where you’re traveling to, it’s always a good idea to bring sunscreen. Snow reflects the suns rays, so sunburn and damage is possible even when it’s cold out. Make sure to wear sunscreen on any exposed area of your skin.

For easy traveling keep in mind TSA allows travelers to bring liquids, aerosols and gels on board that are 3.4 ounces or less. If you’re in doubt of the sizes of your skincare products, pack them in checked luggage.