7 Tips for showing some leg on Valentine’s day

We know we just got done with a whole month of holiday parties but the fun doesn’t have to stop with the end of the year. As we approach Valentine’s Day, are you thinking off showing off your stems like Blake Lively recently did in her hot orange mini dress at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert in New York City? Here are some timely tips on making sure your legs have never looked better!

  • Wear a flattering length of dress (or skirt or shorts) that hits your legs at the appropriate height. If you’re not sure what the best length for your figure is, this would be a great time to hit the stores with a girlfriend and try out some new outfits. You may even end up buying some
  • Work out! There is absolutely no better way to get toned, attractive looking legs than hitting the gym or getting a regular workout. There’s a reason runners have some of the best-looking legs in the business.
  • Whatever you do, don’t use self tanner just before the big day – you don’t want your skin to be the same orange hue as Blake’s dress! When you do use it, find a shade that works well for your complexion and won’t make your legs look darker than the rest of your skin.
  • If you’re naturally klutzy (like some of us can be), just be careful of getting bruises and other marks on your legs in the week leading up to the day.
  • That said, you can always cover bruises and other imperfections with makeup. Just be careful of transferring that makeup to your dress…or worse, his suit!
  • Ladies often forget to exfoliate their legs before shaving. Scrubs and exfoliants help slough off dead skin, remove ingrown hair and soften the skin for shaving.
  • Moisturize daily after stepping out of the shower. Warm, wet skin retains moisture much better than dry skin. Moisturizing daily also ensures that your skin is always soft and healthy looking, especially important during these dry, winter days. If you have especially dry skin, try our bestselling Healing & Restoring Cream that customers love using during winter.

But most of all don’t get too caught up in looking perfect – remember to enjoy your day. Remember the #1 person you should be trying to please is you! Treat yourself to a massage or pedicure. Try out that garter belt or the new shoes you’ve had your eye on. We won’t tell if you won’t !