Why Is My Skin So Red?

Understanding rosacea’s causes and irritants.

Do you flush easily when it’s sunny out or warm indoors? Are you quick to burn? Do you always feel like your face is flushing? You could have rosacea.

Rosacea and redness most often appears in the center of the face. Some famous faces with rosacea are:

  • Mariah Carey

  • Bill Clinton

  • Cameron Diaz

  • Cynthia Nixon

  • Rosie O’Donnell

  • Renee Zellweger

Here are some factors that can trigger flare-ups:

1. The weather.

Hot or cold temperatures can cause skin to flush. Avoid extreme temperatures as much as possible. When outdoors, protect your face from the elements and be sure to apply sunscreen regularly.

2. Stress.

Stress can cause a myriad of problems within our skin, but when you have rosacea, it’s worse. The stress your body produces creates the perfect storm for symptoms to start. Learn how to keep stress in check. Try yoga or deep breathing exercises to help minimize stress.

3. Family history.

If rosacea runs in your family, it’s something you’ll want to watch out for. Get diagnosed early, and it will be easier to manage symptoms.

4. What you eat and drink.

Alcohol and spicy foods are proven to trigger rosacea flare-ups. Hot drinks (including coffee and tea) as well as hot foods fresh from the oven are known causes, too. Steer clear of these irritants, and if you must indulge, make sure you drink plenty of water or let hot food and beverages cool down a bit before consuming them. Image of hot food and drinks or image of coffee or image of cocktails.

5. Sweating.

Strenuous exercise, hot baths or saunas can cause rosacea outbreaks. When you increase blood flow to the skin’s surface, your more prone to an outbreak. Instead of one long workout, consider breaking your workouts into smaller segments. You’ll still get the benefit of exercising, but be able to keep rosacea symptoms or redness in check. Image of someone exercising and sweating a lot.

6. Skin care, hair care and makeup ingredients.

Most skin care and makeup products are formulated with ingredients known to be irritants. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more than 60% of reactions to products are due to artificial fragrance. Ingredients known to aggravate rosacea include alcohol, artificial fragrance, and sulfates, among others. Image of skin care/hair care/makeup product packages. While there is still no cure for rosacea, there are ways to manage it. When you know how, it makes living with rosacea easier.