How Hylunia products help to prevent or slow down premature aging

The key finding of Hylunia’s founding team was that “Continuous inflammation, including sub-clinical inflammation is the root cause of premature aging and can lead to chronic diseases.”

Therefore, to prevent premature aging, we have to prevent inflammation.

Hylunia uses the world's best anti-inflammatory ingredients handpicked by Hylunia co-founder, Dr. Lingam.

In 1988 when we launched our first product, Hylunia was among the very first skin care companies to partner with a team of dermatologists, scientists and skin specialists to develop products using safe, natural and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Every ingredient is selected to maximize results and prevent skin conditions by helping your skin repair itself. As a result, every Hylunia product is safe and effective – our family uses these products, yours can too!

We never had to test on animals. We know what goes into our products. There is nothing in our products that can harm anyone - not babies, not adults, not sensitive skin people and not even animals. So, we never needed animal testing. In fact, we test on ourselves. We never have to worry as the products are absolutely safe skin food.

All Hylunia products are designed to minimize and prevent inflammation which is the root cause of premature aging. What components of skincare products cause inflammation? There are many - artificial fragrances, artificial colors, genetically modified ingredients, chemical preservatives and animal derived ingredients. Hylunia products do not contain any of these things. In fact, most skincare companies use deionized water which can still allow pathogens to thrive. Hylunia uses distilled water. Lot of them use fruit and vegetable juices which again need to be stored and so need preservatives. Also, most skincare products are designed to have a long shelf-life which again…you guessed it – requires preservatives. Further, many companies use animal, fish and human derived ingredients and so cannot do without harsh chemical preservatives in large quantities. Hylunia products do not contain anything that requires harsh chemicals to preserve them.

Finally, the most important thing in skincare is the formulation. If the formulation is not right, the quality and quantity of ingredients will not matter much. Even if someone claims their products are organic, USDA only certifies agricultural produce and only 95% organic is enough to get a certificate. Companies use the 5% allowance to load products with toxic preservatives and so being organic does not mean much. It is more important for the products to be anti-inflammatory. Why? Because Inflammation is the real enemy we have to fight. It is inflammation that causes premature aging and chronic diseases. So, we have to prevent and minimize inflammation at all costs. Hylunia achieves that by 1) never using ingredients that cause inflammation and 2) formulating the products with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, plant peptides and plant stem cells which help to minimize inflammation and reduce the effect of free radical damage 3) formulating products with plant-derived Hyaluronic acid which is the best humectant known to man and can hold 1000 times its weight in water.

The next most important thing in skincare is penetration. You can have the greatest and best organic ingredients in the world and that too in great quantities, but it will all be of no use if the product cannot penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin where they are most needed. Most skincare products, even the most expensive ones with beautiful packaging and stellar marketing use oils that form an occlusive layer on the skin that prevents the ingredients from penetrating the skin.

Hylunia uses high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid that forms a heavy wet blanket on the skin and pushes the water and encapsulated ingredients deep into the inner layers of the skin. This is the reason why Hylunia products are so effective and yet so safe and gentle.

Also, it is very important to preserve the natural balance of the skin. Never alter what nature has created but only do things that help nature in its work. This is one of the principles of Hylunia’s formulation team. Therefore, Hylunia products are designed to preserve your skin’s natural balance and none of our products will strip your skin of natural oils and substances. Doing so would only cause inflammation and Hylunia products are designed to prevent and minimize inflammation.

Dr. Lingam, co-founder also loves life and has a great sense of humor. He is not the dull, boring and serious scientist you may think he is. It is this combination of intelligence, traditional upbringing and scientific training that makes him very unique amongst founders of skincare companies.

No wonder, Hylunia products are so safe and effective and yet fun and exciting at the same time! They come in beautiful, colorful, eco-friendly packaging and are a lot of fun to use and enjoy. Visit our Instagram and facebook pages to join us in celebrating this amazing product line with our friends and customers. And, no matter what is going on, never forget to laugh and release stress! Like Dr. Lingam likes to say, “Stress thrills but kills.”