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What is Cypress?

The cypress tress is a conifer of northern temperate regions. It is generally a flame - shaped, tapering, cone-like tree, with a short stem below its branches. The wood of the Cypress is hard, remarkably fine and close in grain, very durable, of a beautiful reddish-brown color, and resinously fragrant. It is well established that the Cypress was originally a native of Asia Minor, and probably also of the island of Cyprus, from which it almost certainly derives its name. It was considered a symbol for life after death and in the ancient temples of Egypt was burnt along with Pine and Juniper to cleanse the atmosphere. The evergreen character of the tree, and perhaps its flame-like monumental outline, and the durability of its timber have no doubt jointly contributed to frequent references over the ages. The Gopher-wood of which the Ark was constructed is supposed by some to have been Cypress, and Herodotus tells us that the Egyptians used Cypress-wood for their mummy-cases. Plato directed that his code of laws should be engraved on Cypress-wood, as being more durable than brass.

Cypress's Benefits for Skin

Cypress pure essential oil has a distinctly clean, fresh and woody aroma that's light and clear with a hint of spice. The oil is distilled from the needles and cones of the tree. It is frequently used in arotherapy due to the theraperutic benefits of the oil as it restores calm and sooths anger. It has a positive effect on excess fluids in general, thereby improving circulation, sorting out coughs and bronchitis. It is also known to assist with varicose veins. The oil’s fresh, woody aroma is vastly appealing to men and women both.

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