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Jojoba Seed Oil

What is Jojoba Seed Oil?

The name ‘jojoba oil’ is misleading, as it is not an oil, but a wax ester. Jojoba oil is the liquid wax produced in the seed of the jojoba plant, a shrub native to southern Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico. It has an Oxidative Stability Index of approximately 60, which means that it is more shelf-stable than oils of safflower oil, canola oil, almond oil or squalene.

Jojoba oil is found as an additive in many cosmetic products, especially those marketed as being made from natural ingredients. Beauty and skin care products commonly containing jojoba are lotions, moisturizers, hair shampoos and conditioners. The pure oil itself may also be used on skin or hair.

Jojoba Seed Oil's Benefits for Skin

Some of most effective ingredients in skin care formulations are those with a chemical composition and physical properties similar to the skin's own surface layers. Since jojoba oil creates a thin, non-greasy lipoid layer of jojoba and sebum when it is applied to the skin. This partially porous layer provides exceptional trans-epidermal respiration and moisture control - making it perfect for anti-aging skincare.

Unlike greasy occlusive materials such as petrolatum, mineral oils and some lanolin products, jojoba provides a non-greasy "dry" emolliency.

Jojoba is also quickly absorbed into the skin, thus allowing pores and hair follicles to remain open and maintain their proper function.

In short, jojoba effectively moisturizes and softens the skin by a dual action of forming a lipid layer, and by the rapid diffusion of jojoba into the skin to soften it and give it a healthy, thoughtful appearance.

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