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Witch Hazel

What is Witch Hazel?

The witch-hazels are deciduous shrubs and occasionally small trees that that grow to a height of 3-8 m. The name has its origins in Middle English wiche, from the Old English wice, meaning "pliant" or "bendable". They are popular ornamental plants, with their clusters of rich yellow to orange-red flowers, which begin to expand in the autumn and continue throughout the winter.

The bark and leaves of the plant have astringent properties while the extract is often used medicinally.

Witch Hazel's Benefits for Skin

Witch hazel has been used for many generations to treat skin problems. It can be used to provide soothing relief to sores, bruises and swelling in its liquid astringent form. Witch hazel’s antioxidant and astringent properties make it effective against acne; it is gentle and non-drying to the skin, unlike many harsh acne medications found in drug stores.

Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema can be effectively treated with witch hazel. These conditions are unsightly and painful, but witch hazel may be used to soothe both the visible symptoms and the pain associated with them. These characteristics also make witch hazel a good option for sunburn.

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