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The Hylunia Philosophy

Hylunia developed its 7-P’s philosophy based on its core ideology.
This core philosophy is the guiding light of Hylunia’s product formulation, research and development.

  1. Prevention:
    Prevent aging by using ingredients that do not cause inflammation and DNA alteration.

  2. Potential Risk:
    Avoid using ingredients that are potentially carcinogenic, disrupt endocrine system or harmful

  3. Purification:
    Purify the body and skin by removing accumulated toxins

  4. Protection:
    Protect the skin from environmental impact and damage from sun

  5. Preservation:
    Preserve the skin’s health, integrity and Balance (Homeostasis)

  6. Penetration:
    Formulate products designed to penetrate the layers of the skin and deliver results.

  7. Peace of mind:
    Provide peace of mind to customers by using ingredients that are safe yet effective – natural, Paraben free, sulfate and phthalate free, gluten free, GMO free, toxin free, cruelty free and preservative free.

Hylunia used its scientific and medical knowledge of skin to develop its 7P principles. The 7P principles were applied to the formulation of Hylunia products.