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The Hylunia Philosophy

Hylunia developed its 5-P’s philosophy based on its core ideology.
This core philosophy is the guiding light of Hylunia’s product formulation, research and development.

  1. Prevention:
    Prevent inflammation

  2. Purification (Detoxification):
    Regularly detox the body [liver, colon, skin & lungs] to strengthen the immune system.

  3. Protection (Preservation):
    Protect the skin from future sun & free radical damage

  4. Penetration:
    Product should penetrate to deeper layers of skin to be effective.

  5. Peace of mind:
    Provide peace of mind to customers by eliminating the use of all potentially harmful & proven to be harmful toxins & ingredients.

Hylunia used its scientific and medical knowledge of skin to develop its 5P principles. The 5P principles were applied to the formulation of Hylunia products.