Face Oils

These elegant facial oil blends combine pure essential oils with skin smoothing carrier oils specific for each skin type. These remedy oils help balance your skin and all of its specific concerns while providing a healthy radiant glow. Depending on your skin type you can apply the facial oil under your moisturizer for extra comfort, or as a supplement just mix a few drops with your daily moisturizer.

Body Oils

Deeply nourish and rejuvenate the skin with the rich, penetrating body oil. The Uplifting Blend energizes the senses while leaving the skin smooth and silky.

Remedy Oils

Chakra Oils

The human body has certain energy centers which are called CHAKRAS (from Sanskrit Chakra, meaning a wheel) and are thought to be triangles that spin like wheels. There are seven such energy centers in the body located along the spine starting from the tailbone and ending at the top of the head. The first chakra is called Muladhara or Root chakra, the second chakra is called Swadhisthana or Sacral chakra, the third chakra is called Manipura or Navel chakra, the fourth chakra is called Anahata or Heart chakra, the fifth chakra is called Vishuddhi or throat chakra, the sixth chakra is called Ajna or third-eye chakra and the final chakra (seventh) is called Sahasrara or Crown chakra. Our chakra oils are formulated to help activate these chakras.

Aromatherapy Oils