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Body Care

Feel beautiful, soft and radiant all over. All of our ingredients are specially selected and formulated to bring you products that are natural and effective. So go ahead - indulge your senses, without compromising on results or your skin’s safety.
  • Body Cleansers

    Made entirely without synthetic preservatives or fragrances, use nature’s very best to gently remove impurities from your skin while preserving your skin’s natural moisture. PH balanced for all skin types.

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  • Body Scrubs & Exfoliators

    Bring that spa-good feeling to your home every day with our amazing natural exfoliators that remove dead cells and unclog pores without irritating your delicate skin as some other exfoliators do.

    • Grape Seed Body Scrub

      Grape Seed Body Scrub

      A natural exfoliant for the body containing ground grape seeds that leaves skin...


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  • Body Moisturizers

    Every Hylunia product contains the signature ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid, also known as nature’s super moisturizer. Our results-driven moisturizers don’t just hydrate, they help your skin heal and fight aging. Sought after by spas and dermatologists, these high potency moisturizers are a must have for every skin type.

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  • Body Oils

    • Uplifting Body Oil

      Uplifting Body Oil

      Deeply nourish and rejuvenate the skin with the rich, penetrating body oil. The Uplifting...
    • Balancing Body Oil

      Balancing Body Oil

      Nourish the skin, rejuvenate the body and relax the mind with this rich, penetrating...

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