A Hylunia Gift Guide for Father’s Day

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A Hylunia Gift Guide for Father’s Day

Father’s are a funny bunch. They spend so much time worrying about their family that they barely find any time for themselves! This Father’s Day, turn it all around and pamper them with love, affection, and skin care solutions they’ll never stop thanking you for. Take your pick from Hylunia’s collection of safe, healthy, and natural products and make this Father’s Day present a unique and thoughtful one.

Young dads

Young and fresh on an upward curve in their careers, these dads are completely occupied trying to maintain that delicate balance between their work and personal lives. An ideal gift for such dads comes in the form of our Grape Seed Facial Scrub – an exfoliant which buffs away dead cells and helps keep the skin clear and blemish-free. You could also gift him the Hyaluronic Cleansing Cream, which soothes as it hydrates, minimizing inflammation through an exclusive blend of nourishing plant extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Single dads

These men have their hands full both at home and their workplace. A regular day involves everything from prepping the kids for school, managing work & household chores, and a never-ending list of day-to-day responsibilities sure to leave anyone stretched and exhausted. Our Intensive Repair Eye Cream would go a long way towards making things easier for him, helping to protect the skin around his eyes from signs of stress and aging. The Grape Seed Body Scrub is another product a single dad might find handy as it keeps the skin clear and fresh, buffing away dead cells and preventing breakouts across the body.

Stay-at-home dads

Fathers who stay at home to support their wives and give their kids a proper childhood deserve praise and respect. From handling household work to keeping up with those tireless bundles of energy all day, they strain themselves to keep their family healthy and happy. Highly effective in restoring and refreshing the skin, our Healing and Restoring Cream – Uplifting Blend Citrus would help him hydrate and recharge his batteries after a long and tiring day. The Nightly Renewal Serum also makes for a fine present, as its high concentration of antioxidants, vitamin A, and hyaluronic acid will help rejuvenate and restore the skin overnight, giving it a firm, yet smooth finish.

Mature Dads

Help your dad look and feel younger this Father’s Day! Hylunia offers a number of options for aging skin but our Beyond Complex C is the top pick to reverse signs of aging. Formulated with vitamin C, this powerful cream can visibly fight signs of aging and help reduce signs of sun damage and soothe irritation of the skin. Couple it with Moisture Infusion for a potent anti-aging solution as it adds firmness and moisture to the skin to fight and prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

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