Top 10 reasons to buy Hylunia Skin Care products

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Hylunia Skin Care Products Having occupied a special place in the hearts and dressing cabinets of customers for the last 30 years, there are plenty of things that make Hylunia so attractive. Here, we talk about just the top 10 reasons why buying Hylunia products is the best choice you’ll [...]

Hot Ingredient: Kaolin Clay

Kaolin Clay is a natural clay mineral that has been used in skin care for generations. This makes it one of the oldest cosmetic ingredients still widely used today. Kaolin Clay is most commonly used in facial masks. Its naturally absorbent properties draw impurities from the pores without depleting skin of the essential natural oils [...]

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Hello, Hydration: Oils That Renew Your Skin

Did you know there’s a such thing as good and bad oils in skin care? Good oils help balance your skin and help maintain a radiant glow. Bad oils—such as mineral oil and other comedogenic oils—contribute to skin problems like breakouts and rashes. All skin types need good oils to remain balanced and hydrated. When [...]

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Recharge Your Skin with Hylunia Moisture Infusion

Stress, age and sun exposure can inflict a lot of damage on skin. Moisture Infusion’s exclusive formula is designed to rejuvenate and reveal younger, healthier, glowing skin. Plant-derived stem cells as well as plant extracts replenish dry skin, extend cell life and slow down the aging process. Here’s what makes it so special:   Grape [...]

Quick Holiday Pick-Me-Ups

The holidays can wreak havoc on skin. Whether it’s the stress from holiday shopping, crazy schedules from too many parties, or winter weather, skin needs extra care during this special time. Here are our favorite winter skin pick-me-ups that deliver great results in very little time…   Dry Skin Quencher It may seem counter intuitive, [...]

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