Celebrate Thanksgiving with Hylunia

Ringing in the holiday season with your family is one of the most iconic traditions of American culture. You can see the festivities light up the streets as yellow leaves fall to the ground and pumpkins grace your neighbors’ porch. The first of many much-awaited family moments is the turkey dinner where all the members come together to share a hearty meal and unwrap gifts that make each other happy.

This Thanksgiving, Hylunia has something special to offer every member of your family.

For the Father

As breadwinners of the house, fathers have their jobs cut out for them from the get go. Providing for a family of four or more can put a load of pressure on pop’s shoulders but you won’t see him sweat it as he pulls-up his car in the drive way. However, don’t take the man of the house for granted as he might be hiding away a few cuts and bruises from harsh workout regimes. Gift your dad the Holiday blend of our Healing & Restoring Cream to warm his heart and soul as he prepares for winter.

Healing & Restoring Cream – Holiday Blend

Product Benefits

  • Helps to heal dry, cracked and scaly skin.
  • Softens thick, calloused skin.
  • Recommended for normal or oily skin or skin suffering from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, bed sores, burns, post chemotherapy or sensitivity due to Accutane.

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Rave Reviews

Wonderful Scent for The Holiday

This is the third year I’ve enjoyed the Holiday Blend. I can’t wait to order my three tubes and hope they last me! It’s the BEST scent!

Argie, California

I gave this to all of my friends for Christmas last year, and they loved it. Its the perfect aroma for the holidays!


For the Mother

Being a mother is like being a role model to someone for the rest of your life. Your children look up to you and constantly seek your love and support. As mums, you are frequently behind your children’s back and keep them in line whenever they step out of character. But don’t let that get in the way of being a beautiful woman and a loving mother at the same time, even if you can’t compete with your young ones. Well, if you want to gift your mum an anti-aging Vitamin C serum to boost her confidence this Thanksgiving, Beyond Complex C is your best bet.

Beyond Complex C

Product Benefits

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Minimizes free radical damage.
  • Reduces sun damage and irritation.
  • Soothes redness from Rosacea.

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Rave Reviews


I had perfect skin until the day I turned 22. I had severe acne. I would get facials once a week by a dermatologist. She suggested to try Hylunia. Not only did it get rid of my acne, but Beyond Complex C got rid of ALL my scars! This product changed my life. I would not go out of the house without makeup, and now I feel confident in my own skin to do anything!

Danielle, New Jersey
Great Product!

I’ve been using this in combination with the rose water mist for the past couple of weeks and my skin looks better than it has in a long time!! I highly recommend this product!

- Susan, Colorado

For the Daughter

Growing up as a teenage daughter in this millennia means you have to bring your A game wherever you go. Instagram and Snapchat stories will have you posing like a showstopper in your favorite outfit of the day and the last thing you need is a zit on your face to ruin that perfect moment.

Advanced Acne Spot Minimizer Gel

Product Benefits

  • Recommended for acne-prone skin & blemishes.
  • Helps your skin heal faster.
  • Soothes irritated skin.

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Rave Reviews

Best Acne Treatment Out There!

Whenever I feel a pimple coming on, I instantly pull this out of my medicine cabinet and apply it where I feel the pressure. The next day, like magic, no pimple occurs and the feeling of it forming is gone! I have tried many acne spot gels before and none of them worked nearly as amazing as this one does! If you want real results, this is the product you are looking for! Also it is great to have when the time of the month comes along because if you’re like me, I tend to break out so if I do get any acne I just dab this on and within 48 hours it’s totally gone! Even the huge nasty pimples! This stuff is awesome!

Pickles, Pennsylvania
Finally Found the Answer!

After dealing with breakouts and ingrown hairs for decades, I’ve finally found the answer with Hylunia’s acne treatment kit. My skin is less prone to breakouts and it has given me a smoother overall complexion. I would highly recommend it to anyone frustrated with breakouts and desperately looking for answers. You can’t put a price on confidence and happiness.

Ula, Michigan

For the Son

While the boys do enjoy a big serving of a home-cooked turkey dinner, they’re not as likely to be excited about sharing their feelings in front of a crowd, even if it’s just family. Talk to your son about his passion and encourage him to dream big. If he likes playing baseball, tell him he can hit the ball out of the park as you cheer him on from the sidelines. Practicing ball in the sun can cause severe burns and you can help him avoid those by gifting him our Facial Day Lotion.

Facial Day Lotion

Product Benefits

  • Protects skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Envelopes skin in an anti-oxidant ‘film of moisture’.
  • Recommended for daily use for all skin types.

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Rave Reviews


I have been using this product for over four years, looking for preservative free products that are easy on my lifestyle and on the earth. My skin is always moist and protected from the sun with Facial Day Lotion. In my mid-50s, people are always telling me I look like I’m in my 30s. I love the travel size, too. Thanks, Hylunia!

Raven, Illinois
Heaven in a Bottle!

I was introduced to Hylunia products when I was about 19 (10 years ago). I received a facial once and after that I fell in love and have been using ever since! This is the best facial moisturizer ever! It never feels heavy on my face like other products I’ve used in the past. It’s light scent and fast acting formula keeps my face moisturized all day. I will never use anything else, ever!

Gina, Pennsylvania

For the Grandpa

Grandpa is a warm and affectionate bundle of joy you definitely want to be around for Thanksgiving. Not only does he shower you with dollar bills every time you have a deficiency of Vitamin M(oney), he’s also the first person to give you astonishing unsolicited advice on life, absolutely free of cost! As one of the oldest members of the family, he probably faces a lot of ailments which are natural to old timers. Gift him an essential oil blend of Detoxifying Agni to help him get back to his stride and he’ll forever be grateful to you.

Essential Oil – Detoxifying Agni

Product Benefits

  • Helps convert food to fat.
  • Improves bone and muscle functionality.
  • Regulates body temperature.
  • Improves metabolic activity.

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For the Grandma

Nobody in the world is as adorable as your grandma. She’s the living, breathing essence of your heritage and her words are the kindest. You can always count on her to lift your spirits during the holidays and take you back to a time when everyone was as innocent. Her hugs, filled with magic, can revitalize you but age maybe catching up to her. Gift her our Ultimate Antioxidant Cream and see her wrinkles vanish right before your eyes.

Ultimate Antioxidant Cream

Product Benefits

  • Hydrates and calms sensitive, irritated or damaged skin.
  • Repairs skin damage from sun and wind exposure, smoke and pollutants, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing.
  • Normalizes pH of the skin.
  • Recommended for all skin types, specially suited for aging or sun-damaged skin.

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Rave Reviews

Takes The RED Out!!!

Hylunia’s Beyond Complex C in combination with Hylunia’s Ultimate Antioxidant Cream has greatly reduced my facial redness and flushing by about 80%. Both products contain an army of wonderfully strong skin defending anti oxidants, and ingredients known to sooth the skin, prevent premature aging, reduced facial redness and flushing, help heal fine lines and wrinkles, diminish age spots, and help to firm the overall appearance of the skin.

DJ, Pennsylvania
Great Moisturizer!

This moisturizer is not super thick and it delivers amazing moisturization, but not so much that it made my skin more acne prone. Its not heavy at all and feels so amazing on my skin.

Cindy, Wyoming

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