Formulation is the secret sauce of great skin care!

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How do you select your skin care products? Go ahead and think about the question a little bit and then answer my simple question. Let me restate it: what criteria do you use to select your skin care products?

Let me guess!

  1. Do you select based on how the products smell?
  2. Do you select on how the product is packaged?
  3. Do you select based on the marketing claims?
  4. All the above!

It has been my observation that most women select their skin care products based one or more of the above criteria. But how wrong they are! The skin is the largest organ in the body. Most people would not trust the health of the rest of their body to store bought solutions with dubious claims, but when it comes to skin, they are not as cautious or wise. What has smell, packaging and other superficial stuff have anything to do with respect to skin care? This phenomenon is hard to explain.

I have read somewhere that 13000 ingredients are banned in Europe whereas only 11 are banned in the USA. Which means, in our good old USA, anything goes as far as skin care is concerned. Everyday new skin care brands are introduced and indeed they make many claims.

Now, the other day, I had the great fortune of attending one of Dr. Lingam’s skin care classes at the South West Institute of Natural Aesthetics. Dr. Lingam is the co-founder of Hylunia skin care and their chief formulator and R & D scientist today. And what a class it was! It really opened my eyes to the gory and competitive world of luxury skin care products.

I learned from him that Continuous and sub-clinical inflammation is the root cause of premature aging and chronic disease. So, inflammation is the enemy we need to fight. The simplest way to fight it is to prevent it. Yet, creating skin care products that prevent or minimize inflammation is not so easy. Majority of the skin care products in the marketplace are too busy making claims about their miracle ingredients and do not have time to address inflammation. Dr. Lingam and Hylunia have made it their mission to fight inflammation and give consumers the peace of mind. You would be happy to know that what is in Hylunia Skin Care is completely safe and what is even slightly unsafe or inflammatory has been kept out for 30 years!

Let me divulge some of Hylunia’s secrets now!

The entire Hylunia Skin Care line has been created to prevent and minimize inflammation. In 1988, Dr. Lingam and his team of scientists, doctors, dermatologists and naturopaths came together to create the original anti-inflammatory skin care based on plant-derived Hyaluronic acid.

Hylunia Skin Care is today the most effective anti-inflammatory skin care on the market and it works by strengthening your immune system. It is based on Ancient Ayurveda from India combined with Modern Western Science.

Hylunia Skin Care contains plant peptides, plant stem cells, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Hylunia Skin Care is preservative free, gluten free, cruelty-free, GMO free, Sulfate free, Toxin Free and Phosphate free.

And how did Dr. Lingam and his team achieve all this? The answer is FORMULATION.

It is not about throwing in some popular ingredients that everyone is talking about and hoping that they will somehow work together to produce results. It is really rocket science – figuring out how to formulate skin care products to be anti-inflammatory.

Pssst…Dr. Lingam is a former rocket scientist plus board certified naturopath and researcher. I also read that he grew up in Sri Lanka in a family of Ayurvedic physicians. I am wondering if all that had something to do with his skin care genius?!

In any case, if you are looking for a skin care line based on Ayurveda and modern science that works safely and quickly then look no further than Hylunia. Its formulation is truly a modern miracle. If you also want to experience this miracle, look for the nearest Hylunia partner spa. If you are not able to find one near you, then drop an email to:

We will talk more about formulation in our next article. Until then, think good, feel good and look good!


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