Making It Count – Big Decisions After Breast Cancer

//Making It Count – Big Decisions After Breast Cancer

Making It Count – Big Decisions After Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a battle no woman should ever have to face. It’s a disease that can latch onto you internally through your body and extend its reach onto your near and dear ones. With an estimated 40,000 women losing their lives to breast cancer every year, it’s hard to imagine the turmoil it causes for those undergoing treatment.

However, if you or someone you know is battling breast cancer, it is important to consider a few precautionary measures that need to be set in place to help your friends and family deal with the grief.

Family First

It goes without saying that your family is the biggest rock through your struggles. The strength and support they show towards your well-being during this time is the greatest testimony of their love for you. Your kith and kin will take the weight of your recovery on their shoulders, even if you don’t want them to. The guilt of seeing them care can be too much of a burden for you to bare. Let it go and let them take care of you in your hour of need. After all, they’re doing everything they can to spend the last remaining days of your life with them.

Reclaim Your Power

Chemotherapy and radiation can take a real toll on your health. It will weaken your bones and strap you to your hospital bed when all you want to do, is step out in the sun and play. There’s no doubt that breast cancer can make you feel helpless at times but remember, you’re still alive and that counts! Reclaim your power by doing whatever you can, even if it means making your friends laugh their guts out when they visit you next time.

Bury the Hatchet

Contracting breast cancer can play a major role in reshaping your relationships. Whether it’s with your former college classmates or colleagues at your workplace, it’s an opportunity to transform your connections. Take it as a silver lining and blow over any bitterness you might have had towards anyone in particular. Sibling rivalries, bad bosses and bittersweet exes from your past will no longer seem like an excuse to bury the hatchet and move on. You’ll want as many well-wishers on your side when you draw your last breathe.

Leave a Legacy

Once you’re time here is up, the things you leave behind become your legacy. We’re not just talking about the house you lived in, the car you drove or the phone you used to call your buddies when you wanted to stay in touch. We’re talking about the bigger picture here, the immaterial wealth and wisdom that you’ve gained over the course of your life. Your beliefs define your boundaries and if contracting breast cancer wasn’t enough to break your spirit, the world deserves to know your story. Although we wish no woman should ever have to go through the turmoil of breast cancer, it’s certainly not a disease to be taken lightly. In most proven cases, it can turn fatal and being prepared for that outcome makes you a winner.

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