You may have noticed that our site has undergone a transformation. We decided to give our website some anti-aging treatment and a huge dollop of TLC (just like our skin), to help answer the skin-related questions many of you have asked us over the years. We hope you'll enjoy the ingredient glossary that explains the benefits of all the natural, organic ingredients used in our products. If you're new to Hylunia Skin Care, please take a few minutes to read the Hylunia Manifesto that summarizes what our brand has represented since 1988 when we first launched. 

We believe that our skin deserves to be treated with products that won't harm our health. That we owe it to ourselves, and our families, to learn more about the products we use on our face and body. We will be sharing skin care tips and myth-busters regularly on this blog to help you learn about your body’s largest organ – your skin.

And finally, we’d like to dedicate this website to our loyal customers – you know who you are - and our newer supporters who are on a quest to repair and renew their skin naturally and organically. 

Please do write to us at this blog with your skin-related questions. We love hearing from you and we'd love to help!

- The Hylunia Team